Share, spread, and strengthen the creative life force in all of us.
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We are more than a literary magazine. We are a collaborative, creative and compassionate community. We care about your dreams, your goals, your vision for your highest self. Our creative life force is best when mutually encouraged and supported. When we give our energy and love to others, encouraging their visions and growth, we naturally receive that in return.

Co-creating is a beautiful life-giving process. Have you felt excited and inspired by a vision or idea, but unsure how to start? Maybe you want to write a book or start a business or organization. Perhaps you are discerning a new vocational path, or are thinking of going to school. Maybe it’s the drive to create a new community initiative. Sometimes we need to talk things through with others, to have them pick our brains, flesh out the ideas, provide their insights, even offer their own resources, networks, and expertise. 

The COALESCE Co-Creators Circle is a space to nurture the life and energy of your visions, dreams, projects, and ideas. It is a space to share these and get positive and constructive feedback, workshop something you’re stuck on, have others help you fine-tune something, or come up with a creative solution. It is a space to bring your loving and life-giving energy to support others. Active listening, curious questions, and a sincere desire to build someone up and support their dreams are integral to our collective creative energies. Come prepared to share your energy and love, and to help others’ creativity flourish just as much as you are ready for your own ideas to bloom. The more we give and serve others, the more we thrive too. 

Currently, we hold Co-Creators Circles monthly via Zoom. Please register for the next one on our Eventbrite page. At the moment our cap is 30 people per Circle session. We hold breakout groups so you have the opportunity for a more focused conversation with one or two others. 

Our Co-Creators Circles are free. If you love them and appreciate the work we are doing and want to support us further with a donation, we welcome any amount you feel comfortable offering. You can do this through our website’s donation page. Any amount is deeply appreciated and is very helpful. This helps cover operational costs and helps us continue to grow and develop a physical COALESCE Community space in the future. 

Please note: the Co-Creators Circle is not for having someone read or review manuscripts or written pieces. It is to help encourage, fine-tune, and expand our ideas, visions, and projects and do the same for others. Not only do we already offer these review services, but we want the Co-Creators Circle to be discussion oriented and for there to be plenty of time for everyone to get a chance to share and receive feedback. If you happen to meet someone who wants to read your writing and provide you with feedback, that is awesome, and we hope you do that on your own time outside of the Circle. It is a great example of the type of networks and relationships that might come from these gatherings. 

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