Open Review & Feedback for Creative Nonfiction Pieces

Whether you are in the drafting phase, or have a finished piece that you want reviewed by knowledgeable and skilled writers who can offer another perspective to make it even stronger than it is, we are happy to collaborate and work with you. Send us your creative nonfiction pieces under 2,750 words and our amazing reviewers will provide in-depth feedback. 

Big Picture Review ($15) – We will provide comments and suggestions around larger ideas of your story: sections that could be expanded, questions to get you thinking differently about how to engage the reader more effectively, comments around the flow of your story and cohesiveness, and so on. This will include in-text comments where necessary, as well as up to one (1) page of single-spaced written feedback.

Full Review ($30) – We will provide track change line edits, in-text comments, and a 1-2 single-spaced paragraph summary (or up to a page) of our feedback. This feedback costs $30 per reviewer. 

You can let us know if you’d like more than one of our reviewers to provide feedback.

Expedited 5-Day Response ($5) – If you wish, we offer Expedited Responses. A small fee of $5 will grant you a response within 5 days. If you submit within five days prior to a holiday, we will respond after the holiday.

Reviewer feedback generally takes about 2 weeks depending on the length of the piece and the type of review requested.

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