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Social Media Marketing Intern

Posted June 30, 2022

What is the position?
COALESCE is seeking a Social Media Marketing Intern who will help to manage our Twitter and Instagram accounts. The Intern will work with the Founder/Lead Editor to help design a Social Media Marketing Plan/Strategy, create relevant and engaging content, respond to comments, and highlight and promote COALESCE Community’s mission, stories, submission information, and other news. The internship will be remote, so the Intern can work from wherever they would like. 

Hours are flexible and will vary, but you can expect to work approximately 5-15 hours / week depending on tasks, publishing season, events, and so on. If you are completing this as an internship requirement for an undergraduate or graduate program, we can work together to ensure you meet those requirements. 

Regular posting and account management will be required throughout the week. Given that we are a new and growing organization, we do not have extra funds and all our staff are passionate volunteers, so this is an unpaid internship. Length of the internship can be discussed and negotiated together. 

Who are we looking for?
COALESCE is looking for a self-motivated, reliable, and enthusiastic student or young professional who has a talent for and interest in social media marketing. We value authenticity, honesty, open communication, and a desire to grow and learn. While this internship may appeal and be most relevant to students or young professionals with an English, Media & Communications, Art, and/or Business focus, we are open to an intern outside of these disciplines, a recent graduate, or an individual without a conventional undergraduate education, as long as their experience and interest in social media is relevant.

Necessary Qualifications:

  • Self-motivated, reliable, with a desire to grow and learn
  • Clear and respectful communication
  • Experience using Instagram and Twitter (either personally or for professional/business purposes)
  • Values self-reflection, growth, and encouraging the growth and creative potential of others
  • Knowledge and experience creating engaging social media content and growing social media followers and network, or at least a strong desire to do so
  • College Sophomore, Junior, Senior, graduate student, recent graduate, or an individual with significant social media experience and success
  • Ability to work remotely 

Preferred Qualifications/Interests:

  • Interest in connecting people through meaningful interactions
  • Desire to help cultivate greater understanding and compassion in themselves and others
  • Interest in literary magazines, publishing, art, and/or creative writing
  • Seeks to choose love over fear

Contact Information and Application:

If interested, please direct any questions and application materials to Erich Keyser at

In your application, please submit:

  • a resume and 
  • a cover letter stating why you’d like to pursue this internship, how it aligns with you, what particular skillset or qualities you believe you can bring to this position and COALESCE, and what you hope to learn from this experience. 
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